Hearthstone World Champion, Firebat has featured 9 different lists that saw play in the last days' competitive scene. Here are all the highlighted archetypes, together with Firebat's personal analysis. Enjoy!

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Glide Aggro Demon Hunter

Quote From Firebat
Everyone has been playing the Soul Fragment builds of Demon Hunter. And that decks sweet, but if you're looking for something different then look no further.

Team LF decided to bring this Glide list to tournament and were able to win their series. So it is something worth checking out.

Mountseller Guardian Druid

Quote From Firebat
Most of us have seen the Druid shell by now and are used to the core Guardian Animals and how powerful it can be, but I find this list interesting because it seems to be trimming a lot of the fat. Moving away from Malygos, or Survival of the Fittest to favor a leaner build with Mountsellers. The meta might be in a place where the top end really isn't as needed, so this decks worth a look.

Players such as Team LF, Bunnyhoppor, Casie, Team WE, LanguageHacker, And a few others have been trending their tournament decks on the leaner side going with Mountsellers and less finishing power.

Monsanto also had a build using Savage Roar as the finisher that could be worth looking at.

Highlander Hunter

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Team VK played this deck and had success with it in the Chinese team league in a meta where most people are choosing Face Hunter as their hunter deck of choice it is a refreshing list to see.

Also, Nalguidan, Wirer, and a few others were rocking Highlander for their Hunters and finding some success.

Turtle Mage

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Eddie brought this Turtle mage to Grand Masters this week and it performed! It is more of a deck for tournament where you try to counter a specific thing. I include it because it has a unique play style and if you are bored with a lot of the meta decks then maybe this is the change of pace you need!

Highlander Priest

Quote From Firebat
Highlander Priest has to be the single deck with the most amount of top4 appearances in western tournaments. It would be easier to list the players that did not bring this deck rather than list the players that did!

And every team in China except for team LF brought this deck or some slight variation, but it seems like LF is honestly just fighting trends with almost all of their decks being off-meta choices.

Stealth Rogue

Quote From Firebat
Stealth Rogue was a monster week 1 in Americas GM. And is now more popular showing up in a lot of lineups week 2. Originally popularized by Bloodyface, the list gave players like RDU a lot of success week 2 of GM.

RDU list: 2 Sap, 1 Questing

Bloodyface list: 1 sap, 2 Questing

The Chinese scene doesn't seem to think Stealth Rogue is strong as it makes zero appearances in their team league week 1 or 2 and prefer the Plagiarize Rogue, which also seems like a strong option and was played with success by Bunnyhoppor and Casie.

Quest Heal Shaman

Quote From Firebat
This is the Shaman deck brought by Team RNG to tournament. I've personally been playing this deck a lot as I have been assigned Shaman in the upcoming Innvitational and have been loving this deck. It has the ability to burn people out, out value people, and stabilize against aggro. It doesn't really do any one thing super duper well but it does everything kind of okay. Making it super fun to play.

Pain Zoolock

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Pain Zoo was a strong performer in week 1 Grand Masters. Week 2 there was more of a split on how to build the deck as well as some players preferring Galakrond Warlock.

I chose this build of Zoo because it had huge success for Tom60229 and I think of him as sort of a Zoo master after his success with the style of deck last year. All throughout the previous seasons of Grand Masters Zoo was an off-meta choice and yet Tom brought it every single week except one, I think, might have been all weeks. So, it is safe to say I trust his judgement on Zoo and recommend giving the deck a go.

Bomb Warrior

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This deck was a monster last week and continues to be a monster this week with most of the players in top4 of tournament playing a similar build of Bomb Warrior to this. And it continues to be one of the most brought and most banned decks of the format. Many players claiming it to be the best deck in the game.

In the Chinese team league every team except one brought a similar list.