The Blackrock Crash Tavern Brawl has continued this week but this time around Rafaam has joined the party! Here are the new additions to the brawl.

New Reward - Golden Rafaam's Scheme

A new quest will complete upon completion of the Brawl using the new Rafaam hero. This will reward you with a golden Rafaam's SchemeNote that this is more like an achievement and not something you need in your quest log.

New Boss - Rafaam

The old four bosses are still in play but a new one has joined the party. Rafaam and his Arch-Villainy hero power are here to have fun.

Rafaam Card Image Arch-Villainy Card Image

You'll also find some fun in your starting deck with Rafaam via Gloves of Mugging and Master Scheme. Those alongside your hero power and bosses simply won't be able to keep anything in their hand, you'll get tons of 2-cost value, and you can get your boom on.

Gloves of Mugging Card Image Master Scheme Card Image

Learn More About Blackrock Crash

This is the last week for Blackrock Crash so if you're just getting started, or want a refresher, check out our Tavern Brawl guide!

Blackrock Crash Card Reveals

There's a special part of the brawl which rewards us for killing many bosses, 25 million to be exact. Killing bosses that many times will give us a total of 4 Saviors of Uldum card reveals. We've unlocked 3 so far, and they are:

Plague of Murlocs Card Image
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Psychopomp Card Image
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Plague of Madness Card Image
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What do you think the fourth card will be?

If you want to learn more about Saviors of Uldum, we've got a guide for that!