We've entered those last couple of weeks before new expansion where the meta is all too settled and you keep facing the same decks over and over again. In order to combat the staleness we'll visit HSReplay once again and take a look at some of the less played (but yet well-performing*) decks to try out when laddering.

*Well-performing is a relative term. Frosty or any other site staff member (but especially Frosty) can't be held accountable if you end up falling down to Rank 50 while playing these decks. All stats used were correct at the time of writing.

Aggro Shaman

Off-meta is relative with this one: the higher you are on the ladder, the more you should see Aggro Shamans around. Nevertheless it should be a solid (and fast) choice for lower ranks too. You just need to hope that those pesky Warriors stay out of your way as this deck has hard time dealing with all the armor they have at their disposal.

Mech Zoolock

Did you know that when you put a lot of cheap Mechs in a deck, the result is often quite solid? You did? And still Mechzoo makes less than 0.5% of the current meta. This particular decklist currently boasts positive winrates against all classes and has been especially effective against its Hunter cousins.

Combo Priest

The moment I clicked Priest on deckbuilder it became certain that I'm posting an off-meta deck. Standard Anduin is far from the scourge that holds Wild in its grip. No current Priest archetype can reliably break 50% winrate, but this particular decklist boasts an admirable 57%.

Fun stat-fact: Nat Pagle has the second-highest drawn winrate of the individual cards of this deck, right after Divine Spirit. OP!

Big Paladin

If nothing has been off-meta enough for you, take a look at this one. No responsible article writer would ever suggest trying this one out, as its general winrate falls flat (under 45%). But I did pick the version that has somehow cheated its winrate just above that allmighty 50%. Approach with caution.

Gonk Druid

And if its proper insanity you're after, we'll have to leave the comfort of HSReplay and look for something that's still flying under the radar. Luckily Firebat had something extra spicy in store with this extraordinary creation. By abusing Witching Hour and Mad Summoner for some easily killable tokens, you're able to build up attacks for days. Winrate may vary.

Found yourself daydreaming about the new expansion when leafing through these decks? Create a theorycraft deck with the newly revealed cards and share your metabreaking vision with us in the comments below.

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