We're shining the spotlight on Hearthstone's Demon Hunter class today and checking in on how they're doing so far in Scholomance Academy.

Statistics referenced in this post are from HSReplay.net over the past 7 days.

Best Craftable Demon Hunter Cards

Demon Hunters are in an interesting spot where they have a very powerful base set and still don't have a ton of cards that can be crafted with their introduction to the game coming only 5 months ago. These are the most popular Demon Hunter cards that are craftable and would make a great addition to your collection.

Skull of Gul'dan Card Image Marrowslicer Card Image

It's hard to play a game against a Demon Hunter without seeing Skull of Gul'dan (54.9% WR) and Marrowslicer (55.3% WR), making them must-crafts. The only Demon Hunter card that is used in more decks right now is Twin Slice which is free for logging in, so no need to worry about crafting. Marrowslicer's fantastic minion smackdown and potential large face damage also brings some much-needed healing to the table for the class which is why most decks are using it without going full into the Soul Fragment mechanic.

Spirit Jailer Card Image Soul Shear Card Image Shardshatter Mystic Card Image

Although it isn't necessary to play with all the Soul Fragments, they are a ton of fun and it should be no surprise that Spirit Jailer (54.2% WR), Soul Shear (53.9% WR), and Shardshatter Mystic are being recommended as crafts. All of these beauties can be found in Kibler's Soul Burst deck down below.

Demon Companion Card Image

A special shoutout to Demon Companion (56.4% WR) which although not a very popular card it Demon Hunter decks, coming in at only 41.7% of all decks, it has the highest deck winrate of all Demon Hunter cards. Worth the dust? Yep!

Kayn Sunfury Card Image Soulciologist Malicia Card Image

On the legendary side of things, Kayn Sunfury and Soulciologist Malicia remain safe crafts, though the former is much more popular to play with being included in 65.7% of decks. Speaking of decks, let's jump into that!

Awesome Decks for Demon Hunters in Scholomance Academy

We're shining the spotlight on a few different decks and they all have videos from their creators if you want to learn more about them.

You can always find the latest Demon Hunter decks over on our deck listing.

Soul Burst Demon Hunter by Brian Kibler

Highlander Demon Hunter by Ecore

Aggro Demon Hunter by Rarran

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