HSReplay.net just published an interesting graphic showing the 5 most performing decks (Ranks: Diamond-Legend) from last week - some of them are going to get weakened by the upcoming balance patch, while others will have to show their resolution while the meta will progressively shift to the next stage. Will they be able to master the unexpected or will they succumb to the new upcoming forces? Only time (and gameplay) will tell...

Libram Paladin

Uther dodges the nerfs and stays at the top of the meta - will the upcoming balance changes shake things up or will Paladin solidify his leadership in the high tiers?

Bomb Warrior

Another class that won't get hit by the nerfs. Sure, a little blow to Face Hunter would have been great news for Garrosh, but 5 mana Bombs still deal 5 damage, so everything's good.

Face Hunter

Think till rope? Nope. Kill the Rogue? Yep. Lose to clowns? Nope. Unleash the Hounds? Yep. Me am smart.

Galakrond Dragon Priest

Here's a chance to play with prime Cabal Acolyte before it will get nerfed to 4 Health next week. Sad change to see but definitely reasonable, as you may have read in our recent balance changes commentary

Zoo Warlock

This is your last chance to play Darkglare in all its degeneracy glory, given that it might become a very forgettable epic starting from next week.