Another weekend and another episode of Wild Weekends! For this Saturday we'll look at the top of Wild Meta, which will be soon shaken to the ground by the upcoming balance changes that will hit not one, but two of the most performing decks of the format.

Today's lists come from Team WildSide's most recent wild meta report - their project is quite new, so don't miss the chance to check it out.

Darkglare Warlock

Darkglare Warlock is pretty good in Standard, but it's a completely different story in Wild - in less than 3 weeks, this list came out of nowhere and now comfortably sits at the top of the meta, and it's not even close. Wild's bigger card pool allows the players to cycle faster and better, be more threatening on the board (Molten Giant, Hooked Reaver) and far more resilient (Loatheb, Enhance-o Mechano). This deck is the complete winner of the August ladder and nothing seems to be able to consistently stop it. Except a nerf to its best card.

Reno Priest

In a world without Darkglare Warlock, Reno Priest would be the best deck in the format, held back only by Quest Mage and Grizzled Wizard/Sir Finley Mrrgglton shenanigans. Lorekeeper Polkelt gives the deck extreme consistency in drawing its combo pieces and Reno Jackson if you're matched against Aggro, while Mindrender Illucia, despite being nerfed, can still win games on the spot. Pew pew.

Kingsbane Rogue

That's a big butter knife you got there. Secret Passage being nerfed will surely hit the deck, but in the end the only card you really need to win is Kingsbane, so...

Bomb Warrior

An aggressive deck that heavily counters drawing reliant and Highlander lists (huge against Reno Priest) - this is the right choice right now if you want to make your opponents regret having queued up a game on ladder.

Big Shaman

Lightning Bloom is one hell of a card, especially if combined on turn 2 (or 1 if you're going second) with Ancestor's Call - who needs mana when you can just have stats?