It looks like the recently revealed set of explorer legendary cards won't be the only highlander-style cards this expansion will see!

Tim Clark of PC Gamer, who wrote an article about Dinotamer Brann, received clarification from Blizzard that there is one other card that synergizes with no duplicates. Could another class be getting a highlander tool? Are we going to get a neutral support card for the mechanic? Only time will tell!

Quote From Tim Clark

Further clarification on this. Am now told there is in fact one other card which synergises with no duplicates which hasn’t been revealed yet. Let the speculation begin!

Tim also posted on the CompetitiveHS reddit.

Quote From /u/Arse2Mouse

Hey, Tim from PC Gamer here. Was encouraged to post this as a separate thread to help clear up any additional confusion when evaluating the power of the new Brann, Reno, Elise and Sin Finley cards. In my interview with Blizzard about Brann, I asked if there were any supporting cards and at the time (two weeks ago) was told "It's only the four explorers", which I mentioned on the card reveal thread here today.

However Blizzard got in touch to clarify that there is one more card which works based on the no-duplicates mechanic. I have no further info about that card's class (and of course it may well be neutral), rarity or when it'll be spoiled. Hope that's of interest!

What kind of card would you like to see that supports highlander / singleton / no duplicates?