Since flashy legendaries usually take most of the attention, it's time to take a closer look at one of the unsung Common heroes of Scholomance Academy. Fling the pen and make your mark with these decks containing the man who ended Elven Archer's whole career, Pen Flinger.

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Miracle Rogue

Dorkpork is using the Spellburst of Pen Flinger for big combo turns with Edwin, Questing Adventurer, or Spectral Pillager. Or possibly all of them, since he keeps returning to your hand.


The terror of both ladders before the Darkglare nerf (or should I say change?). At least Bonemasher hasn't given up on the deck yet, even though shooting the pen to your own face only gives one Mana Crystal back nowadays.

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OTK Paladin

Our humble hero doesn't need to be at the center of action in every deck he's in. He can just as easily fill a utility role, like in this Paladin list from Korialstrasz. Whether the task is drawing cards with Acolyte of Pain or just acting as removal, Pen Flinger will be there to help.

OTK Druid

MarkMcKz already used Pen Flinger to destroy his opponent's deck in one turn, but now it's time to get that APM up and fling the full 30 damage in one turn with the help of Brann Bronzebeard and Elise the Enlightened.

Quest Rogue

Our naturally bouncy friend is a perfect fit for the good old Quest Rogue as well. X is running Raiding Party just for the guaranteed Pirate draws as the deck has no additional Weapons.

Quest Shaman

Another low-curve Quest list, but for Shaman instead. I'm unsure if Nork meant Pen Flinger to be part of some game-ending damage combo with the spells or just a way of completing the quest faster. At least the other Battlecries aren't directly helping you to win.

Highlander Priest

Even though you can use Pen Flinger for utility in this deck from HSReplay, he'd be a great help in the Spawn of Shadows combo as well.

Looking for more Wild pen flinging action? Here you go!

Got a homebrew to share? Create a Wild deck and post it in the comments below. Don't forget to educate others with a guide!