Blizzard has implemented a fix for Micro Mummy in Hearthstone's Battlegrounds and it will require a small client-side update. This also fixes an issue with Freezing Trap.

  • The update will be 160 MB in Size.
  • It will appear as a 1.6 GB update due to verification. 
  • The minion will return tomorrow, this Thursday.

Quote From Kerfluffle

Hey everyone,

Later today we’ll be deploying a hotfix to implement the following fix:

  • Creating a golden Micro Mummy in Battlegrounds will no longer cause crashes.

Edit: There is a small 160mb download associated with this update! You may see the download as 1.6gb, but that’s just a file verification. To further clarify, we’ve patched in the fix for Micro Mummy with this update, but the minion will not be re-enabled until tomorrow.

We’ve also seen reports that minions sent back to hand from Freezing Trap are unplayable. We’re working towards a fix for this in the future, but there is a workaround in the meantime—while clicking on the card does nothing, you can drag on the card in order to play it.