Another Wild weekend ahead! This time we'll take a look at a bunch of archetypes Blizzard has been pushing towards over the years with variable success.

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Big Spell Highlander Mage

Highlander Mage has obviously been a success, but Big Spell Mage hasn't had as much time on the limelight. Loknax has combined the two to create this list where even Inkmaster Solia sees play! Dragoncaller Alanna brings back memories...

Quest Heal Druid

Quest Druid (the newer Quest) should count as success, whereas Heal Druid is currently residing in the "okay, we tried"-pile. There's still no proper payoff for healing, outside of Lucentbark's revivals and being less likely to lose next turn, but that didn't stop Gam3rPr0 from putting together this list.

Stealth Rogue

While Stealth is a very Rogue-like mechanic, there were no real support cards for it until Shadow Sensei in Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. That was followed by complete silence until Ashes of Outland finally made the archetype playable, and Scholomance added further support to it. Elkjaer18 has slammed all the Stealth stuff together into this highly interactive deck, against which your opponent won't see any minions at all until it's too late.

Highlander Quest Hunter

Another archetype that never really took off in Standard, despite being famously overhyped after its reveal. As Blizzard has kept printing solid 1-drops for Hunter (like Wolpertinger) the archetype has been slowly getting better and better. Kamouh has included Shan'do Wildclaw for potential post-Quest Raptor buff, and made the entire thing Highlander to support some bigger Dinos as well.

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Combo Priest

The climax of Priest flavor in Blizzard's eyes, I guess. The archetype has flickered in and out of the meta over the years, and while Hall of Faming Divine Spirit might have caused the (at least temporary) extinction of the archetype in Standard, it's getting more and more Wild in the eternal format as Wave of Apathy added another tool for Potion of Madness-scams. This spell-heavy list comes from frosthearth.

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