Its the weekend again and Blizzard has decided to have a small pause with card reveals before the most hectic part begins. That gives us the perfect spot to take a look at some Wild decks that our community members have been tinkering with during the past week. Don't forget to visit their decks for full guides!

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Mill Mage

I keep saying I dislike Mill as a playstyle and yet this is the third week in a row that I start with a Mill deck. But what can I say, MemeMachine's Mage just looks like a blast to play. I'm quite close to crafting the quest myself after seeing this. I must not surrender to the evil...

Priest (Really don't know how to name this one)

Speaking of surrendering, Kumquatz has Surrendered to Madness and brewed together this marvelous creation. The less seen Bwonsamdi, the Dead and Spirit of the Dead have also found a home in this buff-oriented Priest deck.

Kumquatz has also made a C'Thun Priest but I was able to limit my C'Thun deck posting this week. Maybe I'll manage to quit Mill decks soon as well.

Togwaggle Druid

Something more mainstream for a while as ZardozSpeakz has shared a legend-worthy Togwaggle Druid list. It's not quite the same deck than what you might remember from Standard, as Wild gives plenty of tools like Emperor Thaurissan and Aviana to help pulling off some crazy combos.


From stealing your opponent's cards to getting rid of your own. Drezzal has found success with Discardlock, blasting through the mid-ladder ranks with a 73% winrate. Don't be afraid to discard your Bloodreaver Gul'dan for tempo, you can get him back thanks to Soulwarden.

Discard has been a hot topic with the reveal of Expired Merchant. At least NOveXoR and Thomback have shared their theorycrafts of infinite Cruel Dinomancer combos.

Theorycraft: OTK Shaman

I couldn't possibly make a post during reveals without at least one theorycraft deck, could I? Some intensive math was used here as kochujang put together a way to strike your opponent down in one turn with the new quest's reward, Heart of Vir'naal, and the good old Grumble, Worldshaker. I did not check the math though, I'm trusting in you kochujang!

Want more Wild? Take a look at these Wild decks to see if you find something that fits you better.

If you've put together your own homebrew or a gamebreaking theorycraft, create a Wild deck and share your creation in comments below. Don't forget to write a guide!