Heroic Brawliseum starts when Tavern Brawl begins in your region on Wednesday.

Heroic Brawliseum starts tomorrow, and if you're looking to get your reward on, you're going to want to be well-equipped to fight whatever comes your way. We're showcasing the best 5 decks on the Standard ladder right now to help you make a choice on what you want to take to the battle.

Since Heroic Brawliseum takes over the Tavern Brawl slot, there won't be a free pack tomorrow so if you're on the free-to-play side of things, sorry.

Keep in mind though that if everyone is playing the same meta decks, the best deckbuilders will play specific counters. It may be worthwhile to check out streams or even other decks people are creating here to get an idea of what is the most popular. Tech choices can go a long way when it comes to hitting 12 wins!

Disclaimer: Winrates are accurate as of September 21, 2020, and may change as more players play these particular decks.

Aggro Demon Hunter (58% Winrate)

Face Hunter (57% Winrate)

Totem Shaman (56% Winrate)

Guardian Druid (55% Winrate)

Libram Paladin (62% Winrate)

Why is this in last place if it has the highest winrate of the bunch? Because we're sneaky like that and wanted to let you know Libram Paladin can beat everything above.

Heroic Brawliseum Rewards

Here is the rewards breakdown based on your wins. Your break-even at 5 wins, with roughly 1000 gold worth of value out of the rewards. (1 Dust is roughly 1 Gold, a pack is 100 Gold)