Teasers, eh? We were supposed to get a new Hearthstone patch anyway next week with Battlegrounds reset and, apparently, Hallow's End event but it seems the patch might have something even bigger in store.

Anyway, it's time for another Wild post as we're taking a look at some decks that should prove useful for a late Legend push (should you plan to do one).

Token Druid

A list that has proven itself in two successive seasons. KitsuLeif has added some extra spice to the usual token core with Snowflipper Penguins. What kind of monster would even contemplate killing them off?

If you're looking for something bigger, Roffle's Jades (shared by FAKEMAN) should provide a decent option.

Turtle Mage

I have to say I did not see this archetype coming. Out of all the shenanigans you could imagine to combine with Potion of Illusion, Tortollan Pilgrim seems the most efficient. Corbett's list is one of the stronger options for high Diamond climb, HSReplay's data suggests.

Another Mage archetype that leads the winrates season after season is naturally Secret Mage. NebuchadnezzarHS' list runs Polkelt to guarantee better late game draws.

Holy Wrath Paladin

This list is one of the best-performing Paladin decks in higher ranks (alongside Odd Paladins) based on HSReplay's stats. Someone smarter needs to give you the gameplay tips, I'm afraid; I can't for example figure out a safe timing for Alura.


Chinese player 永夜笙箫 hit rank 1 Legend with this list earlier this season, so it should be pretty strong. Although at the same time HSReplay's stats seems to suggest that the list's winrate drops slightly below 50% at Legend.

Even Totem Shaman

"Okay so what's the best deck in high Diamond then (statwise)?", you might ask. And this would be the answer.

Highlander Hunter

I was going through the HSReplay data for the remaining classes to find something spicy to end this post with, but all the strongest archetypes for each class were unsurprising. For DH it was Odd, for Priests Highlander, Rogue had some Odd and some Pirate-Kingsbane while Warriors had the same without Kingsbane.

Hunters didn't seem like a popular option for Diamond, and this list probably doesn't reach the winrates of other decks in this post, but in case someone is wondering what a good Wild Hunter list looks like, here it is.

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Want to publish your own results? Create a Wild deck and share it in the comments below. Don't forget to educate others with a guide!