Elementals have invaded Battlegrounds with such a force that it's good to visit the safety of the Wild for a while. Let's see what kind of ideas our community members have had this time.

Ragnaros' average placement in HSReplay's stats is under 3. Under 3! How did something so broken ever go live? No I'm not salty over never getting him, you are.

Elemental Mage

Oh no, they're here too! Neoguli's deck intends to go infinite with Potion of Illusion combos, and just frustrate the opponent out of the game. No Turtle nerf could stop this menace!

Neoguli seems to love infinite Elekks as he also made a Warlock deck with a similar idea.

Fatigue Warrior

Another fatigue deck, but this time with a more conventional strategy. GirkyHD has added some Clockwork Goblins to the list to speed up the fatiguing process a bit.

Deathrattle Priest

SaltyMcNulty has finally found a way to using Vectus to his maximum potential: summoning multiple copies of Thaddius. If your deck is playing tricks on you, Polkelt will fix its order.

Anyfin Paladin

High Abbess Alura has joined the dark side as she has committed to helping KmemBM with the infamous Murloc OTK. The Quest seems to be included merely for an easy and guaranteed Alura activation.

Big Druid

ObviousGnome's deck combines Embiggen Druid's buffing strategies with the strong Beast synergy cards Shan'do Wildclaw and Menagerie Warden to create this truly Wild concoction.

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