Glenn Rane, an artist formerly with Blizzard, posted an image last night on his Instagram showcasing the art that was supposed to be used for Fire Mage Jaina.

Quote From Glenn Rane

After two years, I’m finally able to post this one… Firemage Jaina created for Hearthstone. This one was meant to be the alternate hero artwork, but the HS team decided to go a different direction. Prints available at

Here is the full art that never made it into the game by Glenn Rane.

Ultimately, the Hearthstone team decided to go in a different direction with a different piece of art created by James Ryman, a freelance artist who has also been a long-time contributor to the art of Hearthstone. The older piece of art isn't as fiery as the one we received in-game, though it has more detail and a background filled with awesome cannon towers. Personally, I do think the simpler appearance of the Fire Mage Jaina we received works better with Hearthstone, but love them both for different reasons.

Fire Mage Jaina Card Image

Here's the full art for Fire Mage Jaina as seen in-game for comparison.

If you love the "original" version of Fire Mage Jaina, Glenn has prints available in his shop for $20 USD. James Ryman also has prints in his shop, though the selection of Hearthstone prints is much smaller and does not include Fire Mage Jaina at this time.

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