Cora has produced a quick "Designer Insights" into the upcoming Battlegrounds changesThanks, Cora, hope you're enjoying your lunch!

Quote From Cora

Bartendotron: Feels like budget Omu right now, so we removed him. Would love to update and bring him back at some point. He's a great character.

Ragnaros Nerf: We discussed a couple ways to turn Rag down. Originally in testing his HP was kill 30 enemies, and we overshot when we buffed him internally. Decided 25 and +3/+3 was still good timing for the HP to activate, and a very useful buff. Still probably pretty good.

Maiev Nerf: She's strong, but not too far off from where we'd like her to be. We felt taking +1 Health off of the buff would be fine for now. Her playstyle is fun.

Chenvaala Buff: She was preeeeety weak. Fun play pattern though, and wanted one hero that encourages Elementals.

Patchwerk Buff: Felt like a fine place to put a bit more power. Not as strong as when he was initially released, but should still be a reasonable buff.

Sindragosa Buff: Awesome character, slightly underwhelming HP. Wanted to put a little power here so we gave it a stat.

King Mukla Buff: Mukla would like Big Bananas, because they are bigger than regular Bananas. Only about 1 in 5 times though.

Whirlwind Tempest Removed: Mega-Windfury can feel really not interactive, and we felt it wasn't a particularly fun minion to have in the pool.

Pogo-Hopper Removed: This was a tough decision. It hurts Brann and Shudderwock slightly, but Jandice and Pogos can't exist in the game in the same way any longer. Ultimately we decided to preserve Jandice's HP because it's really unique and interesting if Pogo just isn't there.

Selfless Hero to Tier 2 and Deadly Spore to Tier 5: Divine Shield/Poison endgame comps are super powerful, and can feel a little like old Murlocs. We think this is good to an extent, but the appearance rates for these 2 cards was just a bit too high.

Thanks for all these insights Cora! Makes a lot of sense. Reading the rag nerf makes it feel very weak now but eager to see if I’m wrong

It should push back Sulfuras on average by about a turn, but if it's activating on 9 or 10 gold we think that's probably still pretty good. Have to see of course.

We need Murlocs nerf, the sooner, the better. BG's is unplayable with Poisonous Murlocs.

We've discussed poisonous in Battlegrounds a lot internally, and if it should even exist. Murloc winrates have gone down a fair bit since we removed Gentle Megasaur though, and they're harder to build into. Our philosophy very well could and might change in the future though.