If you've been wondering about the release order of the Heroes in Hearthstone's Book of Heroes, you're in luck! We've got the scoop on which Heroes are coming in the next update and beyond.

As with all datamined information, it may be subject to interpretation and it can always be changed, especially when we're talking about a release time over an entire year.

First, A Word on Book of Heroes

Blizzard hasn't said too much about the remaining Heroes, but here's what we do know.

  • We're going to see new heroes released into the adventure over the next year to cover all the base heroes.
  • There are some future heroes that do not have new voicelines like Jaina. They will be added in future updates.

Next Up - Nagrand Garrosh

We should be seeing Garrosh arrive in a November game update with his Patch 18.0 datamined skin, Nagrand Garrosh, as our new Warrior replacement.

A much younger version of Garrosh, this was when he was still on Draenor and not the power-hungry Horde Warchief that most know him as today. Here is a picture of Garrosh inside the Nagrand zone in World of Warcraft, when he was Chieftain of the Mag'har.

Soonish - Second War Uther

With Garrosh likely hitting the solo fun in November, our best Paladin bud Uther should be arriving in December. Maybe. It's always possible that due to December being the month of the year where many companies take time off in the second half for the holidays that we end up with a "delayed" content release meaning we could see Uther in January instead. Of course, pure speculation.

The Book of Heroes chapter for Uther will be bringing us the Patch 18.0 datamined skin, Second War Uther. We don't know what he'll end up looking like, but here's some art of Uther that is from the relevant time period that was used in the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.

Next Year - The Remaining Heroes

Although we don't know for certain the exact release dates, so far Blizzard has been going one hero per month and we expect that to remain somewhat standardized.

  1. Malfurion - Druid
  2. Anduin - Priest
  3. Valeera - Rogue
  4. Gul'dan - Warlock
  5. Thrall - Shaman
  6. Illidan - Demon Hunter

It makes a lot of sense with Illidan being last to arrive when you consider we've already seen his presence in Trial by Felfire and the whole Ashes of Outland Prologue which already details some of Illidan's past. One may even wonder if the Prologue will end up being extended and become a part of the Book of Heroes instead of having an entirely separate campaign for unlocking our warglaive-wielding friend. Book of Heroes makes for such an interesting way to unlock heroes.

That does it for today! Which heroes are you looking forward to arriving in the Book of Heroes adventure the most? Which stories are you hoping to see?