If you don't own the Overwatch Origins or Collector's Edition and you've always wanted the card back, you may be in luck!

Blizzard and Nintendo are offering a week-long trial of Overwatch for members of Nintendo Switch Online, the paid service which enables online functionality for Nintendo Switch and provides members with the occasional free game trials and access to a catalogue of Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo games.

Since the version of the game that is available is the Legendary edition, which includes the original Origins Edition, simply connecting your Battle.net account to your profile of Switch after you download and launch the game is enough to get you the goodies! Here's how you do it.

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Getting Your Overwatch Card Back

  1. Download Overwatch from the Nintendo Switch Store. A Switch Online Membership is required.
  2. Visit Settings inside of Overwatch and select Link Account.
  3. Login to your Battle.net Account.
  4. Exit the browser.
  5. Go back to Settings -> Link Account after the game starts again.
  6. Press the Redeem Digital Goodies button.
  7. Login to Hearthstone and enjoy your new card back!

In theory you can also connect your Nintendo account to your Battle.net account by visiting account management on your computer. It will be much easier to type in your email and password! Visit the Connections area.





Thanks to Hordaki for bringing this to our attention.