On Twitter, Dean Ayala asked the question, which Warcraft theme do you want to see in Hearthstone? When prompted with Ulduar, he confirmed that Hearthstone will go there one day.

The Antechamber of Ulduar. A hallway splitting off to the Assembly of Iron, Algalon, and Kologarn & The Keepers.

Apparently, Ulduar, which is a fan favourite request, has been on a whiteboard for "like 6 years". One could argue that this isn't even worth posting about because as long as Hearthstone keeps going, one could say every theme in Warcraft will be covered given enough time. This is important to bring up though because it tells us a couple of things:

  1. Ulduar is going to definitely happen.
  2. There's no chance it'll be in 2021.

The sets of next year have already been decided at this point and if Ulduar was in production, there is no chance Dean would have comments about it. Dean also knows the kind of power his voice holds in the community so saying that we're going to go there one day without any intention to do so wouldn't be a fun time. With it being on their idea board, you know it's been talked about multiple times over the years and it's just about finding the right time to revisit mechs.

Algalon the Observer as seen on Ulduar's Key Art for WoW Patch 3.1

If you're one of those people that has wanted Ulduar in Hearthstone like many of us, we can all now sleep soundly knowing the titan-forged complex will arrive in one of our favourite games. Let's go Mimiron!

You can join in the discussion on which theme you want to see in Hearthstone in our news article here or go and send your feedback directly to Dean on TwitterWe're likey to do a fun recap of everyone's suggestions, so let's see 'em!

Quote From Dean Ayala

I really love the Arrakoa and the story/aesthetics from Warlords was one of my favorite to explore, I’d love to see something that was focused on them and the crazy stuff the built and understood. Though I’m also never going to stop asking for Ulduar. Ulduar is my favorite.

Ulduar has been on a whiteboard as a potential expansion for like 6 years. Someday we'll do it :).