Another balance patch is incoming next Thursday, but more importantly so is the announcement of the long-awaited new game mode which should be another way for the fans of Wild to utilize those old favorites. Before we get ahead of ourselves, let's take a look at what our community members have been playing while waiting for the new stuff.

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Odd Spell Damage Mage

A homebrew that got freethinker to legend for the first time, an achievement truly worth celebrating! I have a soft spot for Odd Mages as it was my first legend deck too, especially since this list also includes the dynamic duo Jan'alai and Frost Lich Jaina.

Odd Quest Hunter

Even more Odd! Neoguli wanted to add more value than the usual builds have, and cards like Stampede will offer just that when paired with the army of Raptors.

Soul Demon Hunter

Even more value! Dorkpork has insulted all Standard Demon Hunters by omitting tempo-staples like Soulshard Lapidary in favor of a variety of slower, more value-oriented cards.

Highlander Quest Paladin

The surge of new Paladin buff cards during the Year of the Phoenix inspired Inconspicuosaurus to update this list for improved results. The Last Kaleidosaur Galvadon roams in Wild once more!

Burgle Rogue

This legend list was shared by glormagic on Twitter. The Chinese player zEerReAk has spiced the burgle core with weapon-synergies for Spectral Cutlass and some Pirate thinning with Captain Hooktusk.

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