Well, that was indeed a big announcement day: Darkmoon Faire is coming to Hearthstone with a tentacular twist. But before getting overhyped by the return of the Old Gods, let's take a look at how Wild our community members have gone with their decks.

While the Masquerade Ball event may have ended, we might have something spooky in store...

OTK Warrior

Silas Darkmoon has invited us all to visit the Faire, and Swizard has been one of the first to accept the invitation. Gift Soulbound Ashtongue to your opponent with Silas' effect and Shield Slam your way into victory (with Mo'arg Artificer if needed).

OTK Rogue

Oh, the Faire sure looks wonderful! Wait, was that a ghost!? And where did my Coins go!?

KmemBM is working in the shadows busy with gathering resources with Umbral Skulker and Galakrond, before it's time to play everything for a massive Spectral Pillager swing.

C'Thun Warlock

All kinds of hooded figures ushering people around, advertising something called "C'Thun". I guess I'll have to skip that since my Coins were stolen.

The only thing that's more fun than a big C'Thun is multiple big C'Thuns! Usher of Souls will grind your tokens into Old God fodder while Expired Merchant keeps printing out more C'Thuns.

Spell Hunter

The modern medicine is wondrous! That Beast seemed so lifeless but this guy was able to revive it with a bit of stitching. But what kind of animal is THAT...

Anyone remember when Zul'jin got released and the meta was filled with Spell Hunters? Take a walk on that memory lane with Blades' Wild version of the deck.

OTK Priest

Those zombies look so real! The appearance, the movement, the smell of rotting flesh...wait a second...yup, I'm definitely leaving!

The good old "reverse healing" combo with Zombie Chow, now with some Scholomantic flavors. How did we get this far into a post with multiple OTK decks without mentioning MarkMcKz?

Did something just touch my face? Surely it was nothing!

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