Another spooky-ish edition of our weekly Wild post, as our Oozefest celebrations continue. Even though we'll have to wait for the madness within the Darkmoon Faire for some time yet, the beginning of the reveal season is edging ever closer. Are you prepared/scared?

Taunt Druid

The Witching Hour approaches, and all big and spooky spiders crawl out from their nests. This list from frosthearth also includes Winged Guardians and Tyrantus for additional resurrect targets.

Deathrattle Rogue

The bones are rattling loudly in Pyronix's Rogue list. If you think the deck still lacks Deathrattles, you can always copy some more with Sonya Shadowdancer.

Odd Mage

A witch is never far from her loyal companion. Play nice with Pokeniner's deck or you might get polymorphed into a boar.

OTK Priest

The Cauldron is bubbling and if everything goes right, you might succeed in concocting a real Witch's Brew. Don't be discouraged if you don't manage to pull of the combo right away, we all can't have the 100% winrate that plazmanoob has.

Odd Paladin

The scariest thing you'll see this Hallow's End, straight from HSReplay. Even the sight of this deck on the ladder will make your opponent's scream in terror, so if you're looking to do some final day climbing, this one is a good choice.

DaggaBoom has also shared a scary Aggro option: Token Druid.

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