It's a fresh season and you want to rank up quickly, we get it! Here are the 3 fastest decks in Hearthstone right now by time played that have a positive winrate. Also, their average turns spent in-game is 7, which is certainly a lucky number.

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Stealth Rogue

  • Time: 5 Minutes 30 Seconds
  • Winrate: 52.6%

Our goal? Make favourable trades while keeping Face damage high. We'll want Greyheart Sage to show up early, or in our starting hand to ensure we get that easy draw thanks to a combination of Spymistress, Worgen Infiltrator, and Sneaky Delinquent (Always keep your cheap Stealth minions!).

Even after the nerf last month to Secret Passage, it remains a powerhouse in the deck. Being able to play it in the mid-game, we can refill our hand with plenty of cards that should mostly be playable due to how low the mana curve of our deck is. 

Also, if you really want to be pro, keep Backstab in your starting hand when fighting other known aggressors such as Hunters and Demon Hunters. The trade value is insane and will let you keep board control.

Face Hunter

  • Time: 5 Minutes 48 Seconds
  • Winrate: 56.2%

Face Hunter is that archetype that Hunters are always able to play and it makes sense because Hearthstone needs some easy decks to pilot and get into for newer players. That isn't to say Face Hunter must be played by newbies though because veterans alike can enjoy a good Face Hunter climb! SMOrc! Let's talk mulligans.

Intrepid Initiate, Dwarven Sharpshooter, Demon Companion, Imprisoned Felmaw, and Phase Stalker are all awesome keeps and fetches! But you're asking now, that's a third of the deck?! Why yes, yes it is! That is the golden part about Face Hunter, it really doesn't require a whole lot of thought to execute a great game plan. Now, let's talk certain cards.

  • Dwarven Sharpshooter is an anti-aggro and early-game must. We can go face with our minions while playing control with our Hero Power.
  • We've got Secret synergy packed in here for Eaglehorn Bow and the great control they provide us. Phase Stalker is wonderful for the value and for thinning out our deck.
  • If we've overplayed our hand, Voracious Reader saves the day with refill potential, giving us a very strong mid-game.
  • Lorekeeper Polkelt is here to mix things up and force a Dragonbane pull. Amazing board control!

When in doubt, go face!

Highlander Hunter

  • Time: 6 Minutes
  • Winrate: 57.2%

Hunter returns! As we talked about before, the class is well-designed to make for accessible and fast decks so it shouldn't be very surprising we'd see them again in the top 3.

Several of our friends from Face Hunter make an appearance in here, and for mulligans, things don't really change a whole lot other than loving Blazing Battlemage and Bonechewer Brawler. Here are some important things to know about the cards in this deck though.

  • Although we still play with Dragonbane, amazing card, Lorekeeper Polkelt is here to force down that King Krush fun through Dinotamer Brann - Don't play Polkelt too early =)
  • On Brann, this is one of our favourite, and main, ways to close out a game so build up to that moment by going Face early on, while not being afraid of some control.
  • If things get dangerous, or you want to win, Zephrys the Great is here to play! I wish I could have said stay, but Zephrys rotates in 4-5 months.