Card reveals galore! The hype train to Darkmoon Faire is well on schedule despite the apparently quiet weekend ahead of us. While theorycrafting is also ongoing with full force, we'll take the usual look at some community created decks that you can already play in the Wildest of formats.

Shuffle Rogue

Time to train your shuffling skills; Looks like you might need them in the new expansion. MCMitta has built this list around a Secret core, added a bit of Stealth, lot of shuffling, and the all-important Stowaways.

Control/OTK Paladin

CapTim511's Paladin list isn't running out of win conditions. In addition to the Anyfin combo, the deck has potential to win through The Four Horsemen, a big N'Zoth swing, or just outhealing the opponent.

Gonk Druid

One of the trickier and more unique combo Druid archetypes to master. The tech inclusion of Silas Darkmoon brings the looming presence of Darkmoon Faire to clawz161's list.

Murloc Shaman

If you didn't get enough of Murlocs during last week's Tavern Brawl, you can continue with the fishy friends by playing Spinnenhonig's Shaman deck in Wild. Even the good old Finja makes an appearance!

Spinnenhonig shared a ton of decks alongside this one, be sure to check them out!

Mill Rogue

ChocolateChipCooke has built what seems like a quite standard Mill Rogue list, but with a spicy Octosari combo, enabled by none other than Silas Darkmoon himself. Your opponent won't be lacking card draw!

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