Dean Ayala and Chadd Nervig spoke a bit about how XP is calculated for Hearthstone's new progression system that launches later today.

  • Experience gains are time-based.
  • Individual games have an XP cap at the 30-minute mark.
  • Blizzard says the majority of XP for players will come from quests. This does not apply to the hardcore.
  • Each mode has a different value of experience gain. Ranked Constructed appears to be the highest.
  • There is currently no cap to how much XP you can earn in a single day outside of the per hour caps.
    • This will change to counter bots.
    • The limit will be something almost no one will see with natural play.

XP Per Hour for Progression 2.0

These are the known values for XP/Hour for Hearthstone's game modes.

  • 400 XP/Hour for Ranked Standard
  • 400 XP/Hour for Ranked Wild
  • 300 XP/Hour for Battlegrounds

Quote From Dean Ayala

There are different values for different modes, winning matters. XP is time-based. Ranked Wild/Standard is around 400/Hour. Outside of the very hardcore player, majority of XP comes from quests.

Wanted to find a balance between rewarding players just for playing, but making it so most rewards were still easily attainable through daily objectives as opposed to having to play for hours on end.

Is there a cap on how much XP you can earn per day ala the old 100 gold cap per day?

Not yet, but planning to implement one to disincentivize bots. Goal is to create something almost no one ever runs into with natural play. Ran out of time for 19.0 to get something in, though.

Wait, if it's time based, does that mean roping the opponent increases your XP? Please tell me it's not so.

Was a mild concern, but of all the ways to get do we found time to have the fewest downsides. There is an XP cap on each game around 30 min. (@IksarHS)

Additionally, if you're losing, you're more incentivized to get out of that game quick, and on to a potentially-winning game, due to the bonus for winning. (@Celestalon)

Additionally, Chadd Nervig spoke about XP in Battlegrounds.

Quote From Chadd Nervig

How does that stack up against XP earned for Battlegrounds? Since quests and achievements generally can't be completed through Battlegrounds, does that mean it has boosted XP gain?

There are quests and achievements for Battlegrounds. Battlegrounds is around ~300xp/hr. (BGs give rewards now, woo!)

This seems to contradict the information given in the patch notes, which implies only a very small portion of the quests and achievements can be completed in BGs, while the large majority is Ranked/Duels/Arena. Maybe this will be cleared up once we see the whole system (will we?)

There are several quests, and a whole huge section of achievements, specifically for Battlegrounds. The quests/achievements that rely on traditional Hearthstone gameplay naturally don't work in Battlegrounds.