We are so close to the new expansion that you can almost feel the madness seeping in. Let's take one last look at the Wild Academic creations of our community members before the Old Gods are unleashed.

Menagerie Paladin

Expect a lot of testing around these decks in the coming days. MCMitta has taken a head start in practicing the cross-tribe synergies with this Dragon-Murloc list.

Silas OTK Warrior

You can already stick your toes inside the new expansion with Silas Darkmoon, and barnabsx has done just that with great success, reaching Legend with the Soulbound Ashtongue + Shield Slam combo.

Highlander Hunter

A blast from the past by vadik. Who could forget Kathrena Winterwisp, or especially Prince Keleseth? The latter is not the only san'layn prince around as Prince Valanar makes a rare cameo as well.

Tempo Rogue

Another old favorite returns! Yes, there was a time when Finja, the Flying Star saw considerable amount of play, and Dorkpork is imitating the Tempo-nature of that infamous Water Rogue by using Stealth minions instead of the Pirates of the past.

Dual OTK Paladin

Watermelon86 is double-dipping to OTK combos with a list combining the classic Anyfin combo with Holy Wrath. High Priest Thekal will offer you cheap giants if you happen to draw them too early.


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