Things are about to get Wild! With the expansion launch looming around the corner, it's time to take a look at some theorycrafted Wild decks from our community members for all ten classes.

Demon Hunter

Blades is planning to take full advantage if the new legendary Il'gynoth, and included some extra Lifesteal minions in the list for the combos.

If you have no time for combos or achievements, there's always Spinnenhonig's Odd Demon Hunter.


Kamouh is building a regenerating wall with Greybough, Hadronox, the old N'Zoth and plenty of other cards to copy the aforementioned and frustrate your opponent.

DePachy also trusts in the power of the trees with this Treant Druid.


It isn't too hard to guess which Hunter cards have seen the most theorycrafting in Wild: Maxima and her trusty Tonk. In addition to KANSAS, there were variants from Watermelon86, Centipete, and MrRhapsody, to mention some. Seems like Wronchi knew it all along.

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If Tonking isn't your thing, Secret Hunter also got plenty of support. Here's darkpanther01's take on it.


You saw the new Mage cards, right? We all knew what was going to happen. We'll have to wait and see if Bonemasher's Darkmoon version of the well-performing Secret Mage can take over the older lists.

Elementals also got some pretty nice tools, as Centipete showcases with this list.


Odd Paladin got some undeniably strong-looking alternatives, but so did every other Silver Hand Recruit-loving Paladin out there. MrRhapsody went full dudes with this theorycraft.

From full dudes to full uwu. Watermelon86 is buffing all the cute small minions with Carnival Barker and Hobgoblin.


The Blood of G'huun called to many theorycrafters, who were more than eager to please the Blood God with new Big Priest variants. In addition to ThatBird, at least YunoGasaiNTF and puffy were tempted by the whispers.

Sometimes a cost reduction is all it takes. SwaguarTV takes advantage of Palm Reading with this Maly/Velen OTK Priest.


How's your APM? This theorycraft from sense124 requires some intense card clicking if you're planning to pull off all the possible combos the list is packed with.

If you want less cute combos and more smacking face, YunoGasaiNTF's Kingsbane Rogue should do the trick.


Smacking face is something Blizzard wants Shamans to do as well this expansion, and darkpanther01 delivers. Rune Dagger synergizes with Inara and all the damage spells quite nicely.

Cagematch Custodian is quite a useful tutor for Boggspine Knuckles, darkpanther01 has noticed as well.


Demons? Demons! Purely Demonic strategies got some new tools in Darkmoon Faire, and Centipete is eager to test them out. Free Admission seems pretty strong in the list.

Some players, like Watermelon86, just love the Chaos they can cause on the ladder.


I know this will surprise a lot of you but Menagerie Warrior was the clear theorycraft target for the class this expansion. Watermelon86 ended up taking it one step further and made it a Quest deck as well.

More traditional (if you can say that at this point) menageries were created at least by DePachy, MrRhapsody, and Watermelon86 (again).

Whoa whoa whoa, where are all the Old Gods!? Patience, they are joining the fray very soon.

Meanwhile, check out some more community-theorycrafted Wild decks here.

Came up with something yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in the comments below. Don't forget to include a guide!