We're just over a day into the Darkmoon Faire and it's time to see what big data has brought us from the prize stall.

  • Remember, decks early on in a new expansion can shift quickly, making crafting a risky move.
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  • We are not sharing winrates with decks because they are going to fluctuate fast.

Data on HSReplay was used for this post to decide which lists to feature. You can find direct links to the associated deck pages on HSReplay by clicking on any of the decks below.

Soul Demon Hunter

If you haven't been smacked in the face yet for a billion damage by a Demon Hunter, you haven't been playing enough! A fun and popular deck before the faire arrived into town received some nice gains through the addition of Relentless Pursuit, Bladed Lady, and Il'gynoth for that crazy good Lifesteal synergy for ultimate in face damage.

Totem Shaman

If the addition of Grand Totem Eys'or didn't catch your eye, it should have! This card alone has brought totem shaman from memes to dreams and alongside the new Circus Amalgam, which must have broken out of Battlegrounds, you're on your way to success.

Totemic Reflection is an absolute monster of a card to drop on Grand Totem Eys'or due to its cloning abilities, guaranteeing extra ticks of that effect and some seriously buff friends in your everywhere.

Hard mulligan for Grand Totem Eys'or. Trick Totem is also a great card to keep around alongside the aforementioned Totemic Reflection.

Deathrattle Secret Hunter

There have been many cards that have excited me during Darkmoon Faire's reveal period but the improved support for Deathrattle and Secrets in Hunter were an incredible blessing.

This deck uses 11 of its 30 card slots for new cards (7 unique new cards) which shows how much this deck was made thanks to the new set. We're all about playing Secrets, Secret Generation (the value!!), and Deathrattles which provide us board clear and healing which will come in handy with the inevitable Vectus drop.

  • Jewel of N'Zoth is one of the new big hitters here, allowing us to refill the board later in the game much like Priest has been able to for a couple of years now.
  • Petting Zoo gives us great value through all our combined Secret tech.
  • Darkmoon Tonk will destroy boards being able to target the same creature multiple times.

Mystery Winner, Phase Stalker, and Carrion Studies are all great choices for your round of mulligans.

We will be losing some of these cards when the rotation hits next April, so enjoy it while you can because there is no telling what the future may hold.

Silver Hand Lightforged Paladin

Let the games begin! As long as you opened BOTH Paladin legendaries from Darkmoon Faire.

High Exarch Yrel Card Image Lothraxion the Redeemed Card Image

Silver Hand Paladin received an impressive amount of support with the expansion solidly putting the archetype back onto the Standard rotation. We've got buffs, we've got swarm, and we've got a bunch of silly libram play to give you a giggle. The game plan is simple, play your dudes!

  • Carnival Barker - Magnifique! Drop this down when we're about to spam a bunch of dudes onto the field so they get perfect stats.
  • Day at the Faire - Absolute key to the archetype. We have plenty of cards that will corrupt it so wait for then!
  • Balloon Merchant - Thanks to Lothraxion's Divine Shield buff, we can reliably keep dudes on the field which means we can drop this to bring their shields back and give them more punching power. Either use that damage and shield to make efficient trades or finish things up to the face.
  • Lothraxion the Redeemed - Not much to say here. Another key card that makes our dudes shine.
  • High Exarch Yrel - If you're in a pickle, Yrel can help provide you great defences while healing you up and gaining control.

As far as your mulligans go, Aldor Attendant, First Day of School, and Hand of A'dal are all prime keepers.

Secret Mage

If you picked up Sayge, Seer of Darkmoon in your pack openings and haven't played some Secret Mage yet, you're missing out! We've got a mid-tier overall crafting cost for this deck at 6680 dust which is a bit higher than other decks we've spotlit but it is still very affordable.

Mages with the Darkmoon Faire expansion were provided plenty of Secret support and we're making use of 4 of those 6 secret-synergy cards in addition to Inconspicuous Rider.

Sayge, Seer of Darkmoon Card Image Rigged Faire Game Card Image Occult Conjurer Card Image Game Master Card Image

Inconspicuous Rider, Ancient Mysteries, and Game Master are all import cards to keep around at the start of the game to start filling the field with your top-tier secrets. We'll then make use of these secrets by gaining additional value through having them in play or by playing them to trigger great effects such as Apexis Smuggler, Arcane Flakmage (cya aggro), and Cloud Prince.

  • Occult Conjurer is strong and gives us some great value in the mid-game.
  • Rigged Faire Game is easily pullable from the deck and will give us additional ways to get through our cards quickly.

Close the game out with Sayge, Seer of Darkmoon by drawing YOUR WHOLE DAMN DECK and you can move on to making someone else quit when they see your first few turns.