We started our Tour de Old Gods yesterday with Yogg, and today it's time to take a look at how the Wild community has been using The Great Eye. I really want to craft him golden but that's 3200 dust...that eye movement though...

C'Thun, the Shattered Card Image

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C'Thun Rogue

With the amount of draw Rogues have in their arsenal, the class is one of the most natural fits for C'Thun. Centipete has included a lot of other shuffling as well for Stowaways to draw.

C'Thun Quest Shaman

Triggering C'Thun only once? Not good enough for Dyphon, whose draw-heavy Quest list wants to deal 60 at once to guarantee your opponent stays dead.

C'Thun Priest

Creepercraft110 is getting straight down to business and Polkelting the pieces of C'Thun on top of the deck. Witchwood Pipers should help to fish those legendaries as well.

C'Thun Combo Druid

It's a fully fledged wombo-combo that sule is aiming for, Auctioneering through the deck with the help of Aviana-Kun-Ysiel combo in one apm-demanding turn.

C'Thun Highlander Mage

Another way of making a C'Thun deck is just slamming him into a list that is able to go to distance on its own. That's the route Derpyologist has chosen to take with this Highlander Mage.

If you'd like to play Highlander Warlock instead, puffy got a list for you.

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Came up with something yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in the comments below. Don't forget to include a guide!