Our Old God series continues, and it's time to visit N'Zoth. Let's see what kind of menageries our community members have been building for The Corruptor.

N'Zoth, God of the Deep Card Image

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Menagerie Warrior

Blizzard's "gentle nudge" towards an archetype was effective at least on the theorycraft level, as plenty of players went for Warriors as N'Zoth's new home. Here's Dorkpork's version.

Taunt Druid

Both N'Zoths are in action in MrRhapsody's Druid list, even though the older brother has to settle for just Greybough and Hadronox resurrects.

Deathrattle Hunter

Double-N'Zoth again, and now there are plenty of Deathrattles as well. Centipete also runs two copies of the Jewel to show true devotion to the Old God.

Control Demon Hunter

Illidan wants to join the Old God fun as well! Chaosyn has chosen the rarely seen Control Demon Hunter route, and included the new Zai, the Incredible to the list as well (alongside the apparently-common double N'Zoth strategy).

Quest Warlock

Quick Old God count...yup, two N'Zoths again. Things (and especially mana costs) can get a bit Chaotic with Bonemasher's list, and Mojomaster Zihi is the perfect tech to shut down any counterplays to the suspiciously cheap power plays the deck is capable of.

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