A Hearthstone patch is arriving that brings changes to the end of the rewards track, the same ones that were announced by Ben Lee a few days ago.

  • The patch is now live.
  • Updates on mobile will take longer.
  • If you have already completed the milestones, don't worry, you will be credited.

We'll be digging into the patch and let you know if there is anything special going on.

Nothing special, the whole patch is detailed in the notes below.

Quote From Kerfluffle

Hey everyone,

We’re currently deploying a client hotfix that includes the following:

  • Updated items on the Rewards Track.
    • Level 33 – Old: Year of the Dragon Card Pack → New: 150 Gold
    • Level 37 – Old: Scholomance Academy Card Pack → New: 200 Gold
    • Level 40 – Old: Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Card Pack → New: 200 Gold
    • Level 42 – Old: Ashes of Outland Card Pack → New: 200 Gold
    • Level 46 – Old: Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Card Pack → New: 300 Gold
    • Level 48 – Old: Year of the Dragon Card Pack → New: 300 Gold

Until this hotfix is fully deployed, some players may get the new rewards but still see the old ones. If you reached these milestones before we implemented these changes, you’ll be retroactively compensated up to the level you reached in a future update.