Instead of our usual Saturday Wild post, we'll be taking a look at the last Old God in line, Y'Shaarj. Let's see how deep in the community his corruption has already spread.

Y'Shaarj, the Defiler Card Image

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Control Warlock

This is probably not a shocking revelation, but Warlocks were quick to adopt the new version of Y'Shaarj, enticed by the prospect of double-Tickatus. Here's Kamouh's Control variant.

Clown Druid

Clown Druid is already a thing in Standard (at least for now), and MrRhapsody has created a Wilder version of the list. The deck is not for the coulrophobic.

Mill Warlock

Even double-Tickatus was not enough milling for Feylog, who also included copies of both drawing Murlocs, Coldlight Oracle and the new Prize Vendor. Brann not optional.

Deck ID Not Found

Clown Paladin

This combo from Richman seems illegal. Prismatic Lens should make the clown cheap and easily corruptable, after which you opponent has to deal with a relatively early wide board.

Highlander Warlock

I moustache the question: Was anyone expecting to see 3 different Warlock decks when clicking on this post? Reno Warlocks were naturally interested in Tickatus as well, and this deck has been performing well in the Chinese ladder.

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