As things begin to settle in the first week of Madness of the Darkmoon Faire, it's time to check out the top meta deck from each class. A few decks on this list are so good that we don't even need Darkmoon Faire cards - how is that for F2P accessibility?

The decks below are sorted by winrate using data from HSReplay.

Lightforged Pure Paladin - 57% WR

Face Hunter - 57% WR

Aggro Demon Hunter -  57% WR

Totem Shaman - 55% WR

Bomb Warrior - 53% WR

Secret Rogue - 53% WR

Zoolock - 52% WR

Secret Mage - 51% WR

Guardian Druid - 51% WR

Big Priest - 46% WR

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