We're just about over our first week of Madness at the Darkmoon Faire and what a jolly time it has been! Today we're going to be looking at the most popular Legendary cards that are being used right now and a few decks that make use of them.

We aren't giving you specific crafting advice yet though, the meta still has not fully solidified so if you're still waiting to get the most bang for your buck as far as your dust goes, hang in there with us!

The popularity of these cards is based on data from HSReplay. All data will be provided at the end of the post.

The Most Popular Darkmoon Faire Legendaries

Yogg-Saron, Master of Fate Card Image Y'Shaarj, the Defiler Card Image C'Thun, the Shattered Card Image Il'gynoth Card Image

If you are looking to get your Old Gods on, Guardian Druid is a popular archetype right now that features both Yogg-Saron and Y'Shaarj.

On the C'Thun side of things, Control Warrior received a nice boost thanks to this Old God's spectacular ability to annoy your opponent.

That just sounds like damage with extra steps! Il'gynoth, unsurprisingly, is found in Demon Hunter decks. Soul Demon Hunter loves this little growth of N'Zoth and the deck is doing very well on the winrate side of things, only really having a problem with some Druid decks (notably Big and Clown).

The Highest Winrate Darkmoon Faire Legendaries

The most popular doesn't always mean the best so its important that we look at another side of the puzzle - which legendaries command the highest deck winrates?

High Exarch Yrel Card Image Inara Stormcrash Card Image Il'gynoth Card Image Grand Totem Eys'or Card Image

We've been asked about Evolve Shaman and so it is appropriate we get a chance to showcase it now with the high deck winrate of Inara Stormcrash.

As far as Yrel goes, it should be no surprise that we're going to be using a Pure Paladin deck.

What's that? Totem Shaman? Sure thing!

The Most Kept Darkmoon Faire Legendaries

Certain legendary cards are powerful enough that you want to keep them at the start of the game and its not always the low-cost ones.

Grand Totem Eys'or Card Image Deck of Lunacy Card Image Deck of Chaos Card Image Lothraxion the Redeemed Card Image

Not Interesting Enough

Where there's a top, there also must be a bottom. At the bottom end of the legendary cards for Darkmoon Faire, we've got cards that are used in less than 1% of decks.

Silas Darkmoon Card Image Grand Empress Shek'zara Card Image Maxima Blastenheimer Card Image

Zai, the Incredible Card Image Greybough Card Image Deck of Chaos Card Image


Higher-ranking players (Diamond->Legend) from November 23, 2020.

CardIn DecksDeck WinrateKept
Yogg-Saron, Master of Fate17.5%47.0%4.1%
Y'Shaarj, the Defiler15.4%47.2%3.8%
C'Thun, the Shattered10.7%45.0%-
Inara Stormcrash4.6%56.6%8.7%
Rinling's Rifle4.4%55.2%51.7%
Grand Totem Eys'or3.8%55.3%96.5%
High Exarch Yrel3.7%57.8%3.1%
Sayge, Seer of Darkmoon3.1%52.3%12.6%
N'Zoth, God of the Deep2.9%46.7%4.2%
Deck of Lunacy2.5%47.4%90.0%
Tenwu of the Red Smoke2.5%49.3%18.9%
E.T.C., God of Metal2.3%53.9%21.9%
Ringmaster Whatley2.2%47.8%47.0%
Lothraxion the Redeemed1.9%52.7%58.7%
G'huun the Blood God1.9%44.3%5.8%
Kiri, Chosen of Elune1.5%44.4%42.5%
The Nameless One1.2%43.9%45.4%
Silas Darkmoon0.8%45.8%5.6%
Grand Empress Shek'zara0.6%46.7%5.7%
Maxima Blastenheimer0.5%44.9%54.8%
Zai, the Incredible0.3%49.6%11.5%
Deck of Chaos0.2%33.0%78.2%