The battle pass drama is rampant and everything seems grim, but if you want to have fun on the ladder and gain some experience points, we've got you covered!

Check out these lists; Some are niche archetypes you can try (hey, it's been a week since the release of Darkmoon Faire, the meta isn't figured out yet!), others are interesting approaches to existing ones!

Raylicious' Pirate Shaman

The Old Gods gave Shaman a lot of Midrange/burst potential and, when it comes to aggro, Pirates are good at dealing damage in the early game. Seeing Southsea Captain together with Lava Burst is quite unusual, but it shouldn't matter as long as you're able to clap your opponents.

ZachODR's Pure Paladin

What? Pure Paladin in an off-meta article? Are you out of your mind? Yes, but actually no. It's true, Pure Paladin has been a top-tier list in the past few months, but for those who don't know him, Zach is the founder of Vicious Syndicate, which is by far the best place to find good decks and data analysis about the game. This list is spicy - "no situational cards: just taunt up, heal up and smash" he says. I trust him, do you?

FunkiMonki's Token Demon Hunter

Now that Demon Hunter has all this insane token support, it must be somewhat viable, right? Wrong, but at least it's fun. Blood Herald, Nethrandamus, Fel Guardians and Feast of Souls are crazy reward cards in an archetype that needs more consistency to be meta, but if all you care about is memes, there's no reason to ignore this deck. Plus it's quite cheap (only 4 epics, 2 of which are Classic).

CronoSSBM's Combo Quest Rogue

Directly from r/CompetitiveHS, here's a deck I've never seen on ladder. If you check out the reddit thread, you'll find a quite detailed guide that will explain how to play it through various matchups. Moreover, if you're a fan of Bazaar Burglary, this is one of the last chances you have to play it while it's still in Standard.

Are you playing anything that goes against everything the meta has to offer? Share it down in the comments below after adding it to our deck database via our deckbuilder.