Darkmoon Faire has been out for barely more than a week and it's shaken up Standard's metagame quite heavily; Will the same happen to our favorite eternal format?

Here are some decks that rely on new cards to win the game or that just included a couple of them to improve some hard matchups or improve their overall winrate. Have fun!

Timebound's Clown Paladin

Since HS is known to be a clownfiesta, why not take it literally? The game plan is somewhat similar to Wild Murloc Paladin where we hit Prismatic Lens on 4 and win the game. Cards like Rebuke and Oh My Yogg! allow you to protect your board of Carnival Clowns from your opponent's removal. Sure, corrupting them is not going to be always easy, but you should be able to do it most of the time. SEND IN THE CLOWNS! (Guide)

Crc's Highlander Hunter

"But Avalon, Highlander Hunter is not a meme!" you could say. Well, just because you're right, doesn't mean I'm wrong. Even though Dinotamer Brann is one hell of a card, it's been a long while since the last time Hunter was at the top of the Wild meta. With that being said, I think this list represents the perfect chance to give Rexxar some love and play with new cards like Wriggling Horror, Inconspicuous Rider and Petting Zoo.

Reno Elemental Mage

Tar Creeper is in the deck - you shouldn't need any other reasons to push the play button.

BalCCazar's Reno Shudderwock Shaman

23k dust is a lot, but if you happen to have all these legendaries and you're tired of playing Reno Priest and Darkglare Warlock, here's something you could enjoy.

By the way, the list is heavily teched for the Big Priest (and Renolock) matchups, so if you're one of those who really hate Shadow Essence into Archmage Vargoth this is definitely a deck to try.

Are you playing anything that goes against everything the meta has to offer? Share it down in the comments below after adding it to our deck database via our deckbuilder.