Did you think we would let you get away with just Top Meta and Off-Meta decks this week? Think again, time for even more Wild! Our creative community has once again put forth a selection of both competitive and complete-meme decks for us to enjoy.

Old God Mage

Draw a lot, stall a bit, and let an Old God handle the rest. Grimgrod has included both C'Thun and Yogg to the list: which one is the true win condition here?

Odd Shaman

DePachy has taken the new "Enhancement Shaman" cards and jammed them into the Odd Shaman core, creating this rather aggressive list.

Togwaggle Paladin

Neoguli's meme dreams of Togwaggle Paladin took a step further as Oh My Yogg! can disrupt King's Ransom, and doom your opponent to fatigue. You just have to hope your opponent doesn't play any other spell before it.

Togwaggle for every class? Neoguli has also been tinkering with a Shaman list.

OTK Warrior

Warriors already got the Silas-Shield Slam OTK with the expansion, and the new E.T.C. brought yet another way of dealing 30 in one turn. Dorkpork has also been tinkering with the list in addition to our resident memer MarkMcKz.

Albatross Hunter

Much like the infamous Weasel Priest, your aim is to frustrate your opponent with endless waves of 1/1s being shuffled into their deck. Dorkpork has even included two copies of Jewel of N'Zoth for just the Albatrosses, that's evil dedication to the strategy.

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Came up with something Fair-ly fun yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in the comments below. Don't forget to include a guide!