Time flies when you're having fun! Darkmoon Faire's meta has gotten more concrete with us approaching the end of the second week. Compared to last week, we've got Bomb Warrior dropping off, Evolve Shaman taking over Totems, Highlander Hunter making Face take a hike, and Priests... well... nothing has changed there. We'll talk more about the deck swaps within each class highlight below.

The decks below are sorted by winrate using higher-ranked data from HSReplay.

Highlander Hunter

The new king! Although Face Hunter is still a popular deck, Highlander Hunter has not only beaten it but also jumped Hunter into the new king of the meta.

Aggro Demon Hunter - 56% WR

Moving up from the third-place slot into second, Aggro Demon Hunter remains a top contender in the meta.

Lightforged Pure Paladin - 56% WR

Lightforged Paladin remains solidly in the top 3 of the meta but has moved down from the pole position it received last week. The most popular list out there has not changed one bit and is the only list today that does not make use of any cards from the new set.

Perfectly balanced as all things should be.

Personally, I'm more of a fan of playing with the new cards I've opened, so I prefer the list making use of newer cards and I'm hoping this eventually outclasses the one featured below.

Evolve Shaman - 54% WR

In last week's look at the meta, Evolve Shaman was beaten by Totem Shaman but it looks like a reversal has taken place! Shaman is doing very well overall though so whether it is the Evolve, Totem, or even Enhancement variety, you'll kick ass and be a solid contender in the meta.

Shamans have not changed places in the overall Standard meta.

Rush OTK Warrior feat. E.T.C. - 52% WR

Barely beating out Bomb Warrior, which remains very popular with players while maintaining a solid winrate from last week, E.T.C., God of Metal has pushed the Rush OTK fun to the forefront of the class.

Warriors, like the Shamans above them, have not changed places this week.

Secret Rogue - 52% WR

Another class that hasn't moved! We're recommending a slightly different list than the one from last week.

Ambush is a helpful addition to the mid-game which can help us get through any larger minions that get placed down and it helps us get more freebies from Shadowjeweler Hanar

Additionally, Stealth Rogue is close enough to Secret Rogue in performance that it deserves a mention here. Here's an up-to-date list for Stealth Rogue if you're interested.

Zoolock - 52% WR

Did you catch on to the theme yet? Zoolock remains in 7th place, though it is definitely nowhere near lame! No changes from last week.

Secret Mage - 51% WR

Last week's ranking and decklist remain top-tier for Secret Mage. Nothing else is currently worth playing for our frosty friend which makes sense given the majority of Mage cards we saw added in Darkmoon Faire pushed Secrets hard.

Guardian Druid - 50% WR

Guardian Druid is an interesting beast. It definitely performs better at the bottom of Hearthstone's ladder but as you climb up, the winrate plummets. If you're interested in playing, last week's list still remains a popular choice no matter where you are on the ladder.

Big Priest - 46% WR

And then there was Priest. Things are not looking too hot still for this side of the light but it's still early and there are always adjustments we could see whether that is from player meta changes or Blizzard bringing home some nerfs to other classes.

With that said, Japanese streamer, PAMELA_emuritto, has taken Priest in a different direction to rank 43 Legend which might be interesting to check out. 

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