Wondering what to play this weekend? We've rounded up some lists shared by Hearthstone pros on Twitter for you to try out.

DeadDraw and Gaby's ETC Warrior

DeadDraw and Gaby fought over the rank #1 Legend finish in EU by using the same Warrior list, and DeadDraw seems to have won the race by a fine margin. He then went on and grabbed the top spot on NA server as well, so the list should work.

languagehacker's Highlander Druid

Highlander Druid at high legend? At least languagehacker was able to surprise some people with his variation of Blastoise's deck and ended up going 10-1 (91% winrate). Clearly OP.

Rase's Libroom Paladin

Some new expansion spice in this list! The largely overlooked Redscale Dragontamer got the green light from Rase, who climbed to early EU legend with a 70% winrate using this Paladin deck.

Bunnyhoppor's Secret Rogue

Bunnyhoppor's NA account was low on new cards but he did get Tenwu as his free legendary, so he opted to climb to legend with this Rogue list. The result was a pretty nice 73% winrate.

魔兽之特瑞's Aggro Druid

If you wanted something a bit different, this deck was used for a legend climb in the Chinese ladder (107-87 W-L ratio). Not a list you keep facing all the time, is it?

Not interested in what the pros are playing with? Have you been playing something else and having a blast? You should add it to the site via our deckbuilder and create a guide to share it with the community!