We're a week into the new Hearthstone season and hey, why not take it slow?

No problem, we've got your back! Here's a list of some uncommon archetypes that will help you to have some fun while achieving your seasonal rewards! Craft at your own risk!

Quadruple Old Gods Druid

This deck comes from Chump's laboratories. We've showcased some of his memey creations in the past, and we're sure you won't be disappointed!

Languagehacker's No Minion Mage

Since the release of Apexis Blast and Font of Power in Ashes of Outland, No Minion Mage has been one of my favorite archetypes. Even though it's never been a top tier deck (it had great potential before the release of Scholomance Academy, but that set didn't provide any worthy support), it's always been satisfying to play.

Viper's Menagerie Paladin

Thanks to its class-specific cards, Paladin is one of the (unfortunately) few Standard classes that are able to proficiently make use of N'Zoth, God of the Deep: Hammer of the Naaru's Holy ElementalCarousel Gryphon and Amber Watcher are more than enough to create a big tempo swing. If N'Zoth won't be enough to close the game, Lady Liadrin and Pen Flinger will help you doing so.

MisplayTV's Highlander Pure Paladin

Since people like Paladin so much, we decided to feature not one, but two lists from the same class in this article - you can thank us in the comments! This deck gives up Zephrys the Great for the Pure package. A very bold move, we hope it will pay off for you all.

Nohandsgamer's Tempo Priest

1 mana Priest spells are good, very good. Nohandsgamer came up with this Tempo oriented list, whose sole goals are to suffocate aggro (begone Demon Hunter) and prevail on Control. Now that Nazmani Bloodweaver's bug is gone, this is a nice chance to see her in action, especially in a deck that should really benefit from her effect.

Are you playing anything that goes against everything the meta has to offer? Share it down in the comments below after adding it to our deck database via our deckbuilder.