We had a chance to interview the newest Hearthstone World Champion, Glory, after his win against Jarla. As you may know, Blizzard creates tribute cards for previous Hearthstone World Champions as a way to cement their status into the game itself. Although the champions don't get to design their own cards or give any input on them, we thought it would be fun to hear what Glory thought about his card.

Glory has been playing a lot of Demon Hunter this year and because of that, he would be happy to see his tribute card come from Hearthstone's newest class. Regardless of class, the card has to be strong though, because glory would be "grinning ear to ear" if everyone gets to say "man, glory is a strong card, right?".

Blizzard, start taking notes so you can deliver a fitting card for the newest champion. It is possible we'll see Glory get to reveal his card much like how Liooon got to reveal her own card this year in Ashes of Outland.

What kind of Demon Hunter card would you design if you had to create one to celebrate Glory's victory?

Thank you to Rika Takahashi Chen for providing live translations!

Quote From Glory

Although you don't get to choose your world championship card, have you considered which kind of card would you love to see as a tribute to your victory?

Everyone would be happy if the card that is in your name would be strong and powerful, right? I mean I would totally be like grinning ear to ear if like, even as a joke, if people were like saying "man, glory is a strong card, right?" so all in all, for the entire year I was making much use of Demon Hunters so I would be really happy if the card turned out to be a Demon Hunter class card.