New year, new Wild decks to try! Let's see what kind of renewed old strategies our community members have come up with, inspired by the new Old Gods.

Yogg Jade Druid

Natis trusts in the power of good old Jades, and should they fail, you can always try to Yogg your way out with either the old or the new Old God.

Big C'Thun Warrior

SunburstWolfgang has updated one of his favourite meme-y decks, Big Warrior, to the Darkmoon era with the inclusion of the new C'Thun. The solid anti-aggro tool Minefield deserves a mention as well.

C'Thun Mill Rogue

Adding C'Thun to an already-existing archetype? That's exactly what nova has done as well. Mill Rogue shouldn't have too much issues with drawing all the pieces, so the Old God seems like a natural fit.

Aggro Shaman

A cheap and effective deck from OldManDice for those who have no time for games but still want to play some. This legend-worthy list includes the best parts of Blizzard's "Enhancement Shaman"-package.

OTK Druid

A more meme-y take on the classic Aviana-Kun combos that Wild Druids are known for. Ragnaros is once again awakened too soon by jvjd before being put back to sleep by North Sea Krakens. Some assembly required.

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Came up with something Fair-ly fun yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in the comments below. Don't forget to include a guide!