It looks like Hearthstone Duels is getting a rating reset this month!

This is an exciting find in the client because it means we're about to hit the mid-expansion Duels update that Blizzard promised us when they initially announced the new mode.

Quote From Blizzard

We’ll be adding new Hero Powers and Treasures in a mid-season update early next year, and plan to reset Duels ratings at that time as well.

While we don't have an exact date yet, and we expect Blizzard will make an official announcement closer to the release of new content, a new round of hero powers and treasures will provide us with more exciting deck-building opportunities and a much-needed refresh for the mode. This will be the second post-launch update of Duels, with the first one being alongside Darkmoon Faire in patch 19.0 when each class received 1 new hero power and 2 treasures.

There is a good chance that this update will also deliver updates to card balance in the Standard constructed game which is highly-requested in the community and something that the developers are going to be talking about starting on Monday.

What kind of hero powers and treasures would you like to see in Duels? Will an update bring you back to the mode? Let us know in the comments below!