Uther the Paladin is now live in the Book of Heroes adventure! This new piece of solo content is the fourth chapter that has been made available to players through the new adventure and is available completely for free.

Playing through the full story by defeating all 8 encounters will get you 1 free Paladin card pack which will contain 5 Paladin cards in the Standard format. If you want more of these packs, there's a bundle available that we'll talk about in a moment. If you want to see what you can expect out of the new chapter, you can find our datamined information here.

Second War Uther Bundle

For the next two weeks, you can purchase the Second War Uther Bundle which contains a hero portrait and card packs.

  • The bundle costs $10 USD.
  • You'll receive the Second War Uther hero portrait.
  • You'll also receive 5 Paladin class packs. These contain Paladin cards from Standard sets.