There has been some confusion surrounding the recent statement from Alec Dawson on the Hearthstone team and it's time to have a dedicated spot for some clarification. Earlier today, Alec tweeted that a note on Edwin rotating this year had missed the patch notes. This lead to the assumption, which includes us, that Edwin would be sent to the Hall of Fame. This is not the case.

  • Edwin will be rotating this year.
  • There are changes coming to gameplay and easing into playing with a limited collection.
  • The Hall of Fame will no longer exist in its current form.
  • There is no point in hoarding Edwin. There will be no benefit in doing so.
  • Blizzard will announce details in the coming months.

Our bet on most information coming out will be next month during BlizzConline which takes place on February 19 & 20. Here's Alec's full clarification.

Quote From Alec Dawson

Also sorry this didn't get into the notes but: Yes Edwin will still rotate later this year and yes we will be reverting the nerf (along with others) at that time.

Want to take a second to clarify our plan for Edwin VanCleef. There are big changes coming to Hearthstone in 2021. We aren’t quite ready to share the full details, but they will be positive changes for both gameplay and the ease of getting into the game with a limited collection.

As one small part of this, Edwin’s time in Standard will come to a close. However, Hall of Fame as it has existed will be no more. This means there is no additional benefit to crafting or hoarding extra Edwins today.

In the coming months, we’ll be sharing some more details about what the changes are and why you should be hyped for them no matter what type of player you are.