The weekend is here once again, so it's time to take a look at Hearthstone's eternal format. Our community members have shared a variety of Wild decks for which to spend the dust gained from yesterday's surprise nerfs.

Anti-Secret Mage Shaman

Do you hate Secret Mage? Like really reaaally hate it? Swizard's got the deck for you! The list is so heavily teched against Secrets that its likely to lose most other matchups, but it should utterly annihilate those Mages.

OTK Mage

The Mages fight back! Derpyologist has deemed the Quest as unnecessary, and aims to OTK the opponent with copies of Vargoths and Mask of C'Thun.

Menagerie Quest Warrior

When you don't know what to play, you could play a little bit of everything. Dorkpork has combined Taunts and a variety of tribes to create this menagerie list. If Sulfuras isn't quite enough, the deck also includes Ragnaros himself.

Dragon Hand Druid

Neoguli utilizes the rarely-seen Bewitched Guardian in addition to the common big hand synergy cards Twilight Drake and Mountain Giant in this Druid list that aims to win through big Dragons in the late game.

Neoguli didn't stop with the Druidism there but instead went on to share some Treant shenanigans.

C'Thun Shaman

Lat's Shaman list has potential for a ton of legendaries through The Fist of Ra-den and the Hoard Pillagers backing it up, all while empowering your panic button Yogg with the same spells. C'Thun serves as the ultimate win condition if you haven't found a Bloodlust lethal before that.

Eager to succumb to the Wild madness? Check out some more Wild decks here.

Came up with something Fair-ly fun yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in the comments below. Don't forget to include a guide!