We've got an announcement of an announcement from the Hearthstone Esports team today!

The full announcement of what is going on for Hearthstone Esports in 2021 will be announced next week. An exact date has not been given, but they have indicated that at least for January, the qualification process will be an easy one. If you are interested in qualifying for the first Masters Tour event for this year, you simply need to head to the ladder and hit Top 32 Legend to earn yourself an invite.

We'll share more details as they become available. Here's the full announcement from Blizzard.

Quote From HSEsports

We're revealing the full 2021 schedule next week! Until then, take to the January ladder for a head start on qualifying to the first masters tour of the year.

The top 32 ladder players in each region will secure invites at the end of the month.

Good luck and have fun!