Dean Ayala was on Twitter this evening answering community questions. One prompt, on Priests, asked about the design of the class to which we received a fun response on Shadow Priests.

Shadow Priest is a subset of the Priest class that revolves around the use of Shadow magic. Much like how Mages have different flavors of magic - Frost, Fire, and Arcane - Priests dabble in both Holy and Shadow. We see Shadow flavor in cards like Shadow Word: Death and Shadow Word: Pain which both offer great removal, and some thiefery through Shadow Madness and Cabal Shadow Priest. These aren't the only themes present in Shadow Priest though because the big one, a World of Warcraft classic, Shadowform, completely changes how the hero portion of Priest plays in Hearthstone.

Shadowform Card Image Mind Spike Card Image Mind Shatter Card Image

Unfortunately, Shadowform was Hall of Famed at the start of the Year of the Phoenix, removing some of those Shadow Priest dreams in Standard.

Although no specifics have been given, we're thinking it wouldn't be too crazy to see something that will interact with the Priest default hero power again. What would you like to see in the Shadow Priest package?

Quote From Dean Ayala

Is there any chance priest's card design return to some nice mechanics with healing (like we had with clerig and alchenai), or the direction you want for the class is exclusively random value generation?

Priest toolkit is pretty wide from a design view

Random generation
Tempo-Curve gameplay (Dragons)
Traditional Control (removal into big minions or MC) (Source)

We're also going to re-explore what shadowpriest means, which is sort of a different direction I think a lot of players will like. (Source)