The pleasure is mine. Here's another episode of our Wild Class Spotlight Series, where each time we focus on a specific class and highlight different ways to have fun with it.

Today is Rogue's turn - Valeera is in a very good spot right now: both Odd and Kingsbane Rogue stand at the top of the food chain, contributing to the relentless aggression that characterizes today's Wild meta. It's been a while since these decks were very good, but Nitroboost Poison is probably what gave them the last push needed to close difficult matchups more frequently and to win mirror with more ease. But that's not all, these are obviously the most performing archetypes, but Rogue has a lot more to offer.

Therefore, here are new ways to explore Valeera's class identity! Let's jump into it and have some fun!

otters' Dragon Rogue

Remember when Necrium Apothecary used to be 4 mana and wreaked havoc in Standard together with Necrium Blade? Pepperidge Farm remembers. For those who don't, this kobold guy is slightly slower at 5 mana, but the turn swing is just as insane as it was more than a year ago.

Your game plan consists of setting up Necrium Blade so that it's ready to trigger at any given moment; next up you combo Necrium Apothecary so that it will draw your only Deathrattle minion, Deathwing, Dragonlord, and then by breaking the weapon you'll get a 12/12 together with any other Dragon in your hand.

Tip: don't go greedy, you are already playing a highroll deck - 3/4 Dragons are more than enough to seal the deal.

Laboresangre's Malygos Rogue

When your opponent plays Kobold Illusionist you know something's going on and that you're likely screwed. There is no other explanation. Malygos Rogue has always been a niche archetype that pops out here and there in the meta and that is able to bring some joy to those who like combos.

The deck features the new Swindle (a card that is destined to see plenty of play from now on to the end of times) and Cloak of Shadows, which hasn't found a home yet but that covers pretty much the same role of Evasion.

m3s' Odd Cube Rogue

This is the most interesting way of using Nitroboost Poison I've seen so far. As we already know, Odd Rogue is very good in the format, but there's something poetic about smashing face with Devilsaur Egg I can't stop thinking about. Carnivorous Cube adds layers of threats in a very aggressive meta and, most importantly, it eats Explosive Runes - if you're able to cube a good minion like Hench-Clan Thug or Devilsaur Egg, then you can get quite the tempo swing.

Reno Rogue

In a meta infested with fast decks, is there anything better than being able to own slower matchups and win faster ones at the same time? Because this is what this Reno Rogue aims to do. With a very low curve, it shares the same aggressive core of Odd and Kingsbane Rogue, but at the same time it showcases a mid-game package so that you'll be able to play and bounce back your high-value cards multiple times in a single game in order to get the healing or the answer you need - or just more board presence.

Hijo's Shuffle Rogue

Stowaway is such a cool card but has seen very little play. Fal'dorei Strider is its best friend, but they never met in Standard and in Wild as the competition is too stiff for them to make a remarkable impact.

If the pure shuffle archetype doesn't work out, why not taking a more aggressive approach? By the way, Hijo hit Legend with this list (and with his other creation, Linecracker Druid: if you missed it you can find it here).

Did you enjoy our Rogue spotlight? Which class would you like to see as the next one?

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