We've got more Darkmoon Faire Mini Set card reveals to share and this time they are for everyone (Neutral!) and a dual-class Warrior/Paladin card.

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Armor Vendor - Neutral Rare Minion

Armor Vendor Card Image

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Quote From Sinti

The oh-so-loved 1-1-3 statline continues! This one seems to be aimed for Control decks rather than fast ones though, you get something to play on turn 1 and you get 4 Armor cushion. The fact your opponent also gets 4 Armor is pretty much irrelevant in that scenario. Can't see this being played in any fast deck even with those stats, you do not want to give your opponent 4 more points of Armor you will have to go through. Feels like the anti-aggro card everyone was hoping for maybe?

Barricade - Warrior & Paladin Common Spell

Barricade Card Image

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Quote From Aesan

Dual Class representation continues with this spell, this time for both Warrior and Paladin. On a technical level, it is a great fit for a Mini Set: you've got two classes able to play around with something new instead of just one, which matters when there are not that many new cards in the first place. 

When it comes to this particular effect, however, it fails to impress at a first glance. A single 2/4 taunt for 4 mana is obviously awful, and in order to meet the condition for two of them, you cannot have anything else active on the board (which is usually not where you want to be by this point in the game). There are a lot of stronger cards at this cost: to mention favorites such as Sword Eater or Bone Wraith.

That said, there are decks like Big Warrior or the lesser-known Big Paladin (Duel! fans, rejoice!) that will appreciate the fact this is not a minion messing up their big curve and payoffs. It plays along well with Commencement, stalling for your survival in earlier turns. Archmage Vargoth is always there as well, up for some hijinks. Alas, High Abbess Alura may not give you her blessing in this form. For now, let's call it fairly underwhelming. 

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